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DTS recently updated their system to not need Java any longer


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Many changes took place in January 2018 where you won't recognize the DTS we've been using for many years.  Here is their "Look-Ahead" guide to help


Common problems and workarounds with new version


DTS Guides:

1-Getting Started




DTS Videos


I hope to find a way to update the Smart Book below, but I do not have access to DTS any longer since I'm not a Soldier or DoD Civilian.


Use this "Smart Book" to make DTS easier for you.

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PowerPoint version


DTS Web-based Training



DBSign information

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What do you need?

Install the latest DoD certificates (if you haven't already done so).

Windows users

Apple users

Pop Ups for DTS must be allowed:

Windows computers:  In Internet Explorer...  Open Internet Options, Privacy (tab), Settings (button), in the Address of website to allow:  enter: *, click Add (button), Close (button),

Apple computers:  In Safari...  Click the word Safari, Preferences, Security (tab), uncheck Block Pop-Up windows

Use the ID certificate (NOT the Email or PIV certificate)

Apple users, if you select the wrong certificate, follow this page to remove the DTS Identity Preference entry.

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DTS Videos created by:  Devan Davenport

1. Updating Personal Profile | Watch Before Beginning DTS Authorization Videos 

2. DTS Authorization Part 1 | Itinerary 

3. DTS Authorization Part 2 | Flight Reservations

4. DTS Authorization Part 3 | Flight Reservations Cont’d 

5. DTS Authorization Part 4 | Rental Car 

6. DTS Authorization Part 5 | Lodging 

7. DTS Authorization Part 6 | Substantiating Documents 

8. DTS Authorization Part 7 | Other Expenses 

9. DTS Authorization Part 8 | Per Diem Entitlements 

10. DTS Authorization Part 9 | Per Diem Entitlements Cont’d 

11. DTS Authorization Part 10 | Line Of Accounting\ 

12. DTS Authorization Part 11 | Review & Sign 

13. DTS Authorization Part 12 | Review & Sign Cont’d

14. DTS Authorization Part 13 | Status Bar 



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