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The Army removed the ability to check your Email, Teams, and SharePoint from Non Military computers on 11 June 2024 per this NETCOM Memo


One option available to Windows and Mac users (NOT Chrome OS) is the use of AVD.


Here is how to set it up.


1. Make sure you have set up your computer to use your CAC per Windows / Mac instructions


2. You must register for an account here:  Login with your CAC. 


NOTE:  If you see this message, you already have access, you can skip to step 4.


3.  Click Continue 




3a.  select I understand and acknowledge the terms from the drop down, [No Business justification is required]. Click Submit request. and wait roughly 15-30 minutes for the account to be created.  They will email your email account, which you can't access yet.



3b. If the box above does not automatically pop up.  Click Request to bring it up



4.   Download Microsoft Remote Desktop from:




Windows 4a. Select Subscribe with URL  using this URL:



Windows 4b. Please continue below to step 6




NOTE: Requires Mac OS Monterrey (12.x) or newer

Mac 4a. Select the Open App Store button




Mac 4b. Click Get



Mac 4c. Click Workspaces tab at the top, then click Add Workspace button


5. Subscribe to a Workspace, using this URL:


6. When asked for email, enter your full email address


7. Once you see the below screen, select the location closest to your physical location



8.  Read and select OK on the US Department of Defense Warning Statement



9. You are now be in a Windows 11 virtual desktop, and are "on" the Army network, so, sites that were blocked from home, should now be accessible, such as ATRRS, and MedPros



Troubleshooting Section


Question 1:  My access was working on my Mac, then stopped for some reason


Answer 1: Open Keychain Access and remove the Identity Preference titled:  https://  and / or   


Here's how:  Instructions on how to get to keychain



Question 2:  Can I access AVD without having to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop?


Answer 2:  Yes, [using Microsoft Edge web browser] you can go to:  and log in.



Question 3:  How do I contact the AESD (Army Enterprise Service Desk) if I am still having problems?


Answer 3:  Visit:   or call 866-335-ARMY(2769)



 If you have questions or suggestions for this site, contact Michael J. Danberry



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